The evolution of Project Management.™


Our delivery record is not an accident. Its from a discipline we call Outcome Assurance™. Outcome Assurance is what project management should have become, but didn’t. That's why 1 in 5 complex IT projects still fail to meet quality, budget, or schedule goals; a statistic that is virtually unchanged in 13 years.

Nearly two decades ago we decided to continue our development of PM as an engineering discipline and not as a body of knowledge. And we're glad we did. The result is the ability to consistently deliver on commitments every time and to assure our project owners that their goals will be met. And by "assure" we mean that the likely outcome of a project should be about that of an airline flight: near 100% certainty of success.

How do we do it? Its not a process or methodology, a tool or a style, but a way of thinking and working. A way of thinking and working that we use and that we teach. Its easily learned and makes all the difference in a project's outcome. Its the "secret sauce" of delivery success that we thoroughly enjoy sharing with others.

To learn more, take a close look at our AviataTG education program for Outcome Assurance; what we think is the next step in the evolution of project management.